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Let the Journey Begin:

Born in Harvey, IL, LaTanya was raised amid a strong community of small businesses and entrepreneurs.  In fact, both of her parents were passionate and successful entrepreneurs. Her father, Marvin Junior, lead singer of the Dells and world-renowned entertainer, singer, writer and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, included his family in both his business and fame.  From the tender age of seven LaTanya recalls attending meetings and traveling on concert tours with her dad, witnessing his commitment, excellence and honesty. The Junior family worked as a team in the business planning, marketing, promotion and event planning.

LaTanya witnessed history unfold as the Dells placed on top billboard charts 46 times, received countless awards, honors and worked with many of the greatest bands and artist in the music industry, including: Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Dinah Washington, Jackie Wilson, Tom Dreesen & Tim Reid, the Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, Mick Jaggar, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Anita Baker, James Brown, Robert Townsend, BB King, Bruce Springsteen, The Four Tops, Ray Goodman & Brown, Kenny Gamble, Lou Rawls, and many more.

At age seven, LaTanya made her first public speaking appearance and continued to speak publicly throughout her childhood.  LaTanya’s natural talents, public speaking, business, problem solving and community volunteer work experience greatly shaped her thinking and led to opportunities unlike those available to others her age. While most teens’ first job was at a mall or fast food restaurant, her first job was with Rose’s House of Charm/Motivating Individuals Career Achievement (MICA) at the age of 14.  Rose’s House of Charm/MICA was one of Chicagolands largest talent agencies.  LaTanya started working on promotional and marketing campagins for the family business and Rose House of Charm at the young age of 14.

Executive Journey:

LaTanya is a leading award winning cross-cultural marketing and communications authority with a 20-year track record in planning, developing and implementing marketing programs, brand management, corporate sponsorship, media, interactive, digital and emerging channels.

LaTanya has been responsible for providing strategic direction for some of the most recognized blue-chip brands in the world. She is an award-winning multi- dimensional proven expert who adheres to both traditional and new age communication approaches. She has designed developed and implemented campaigns that extend from the most extensive reach in English and Spanish languages. LaTanya has held positions and consulted with some of the world’s most renowned and venerable marketing, media, advertising agencies and universities, such as Partner, Director of Strategic Planning with Ogilvy & Mather; VP, Director of Media with Stedman Graham & Partners; Brand Expert with Grey Advertising; Media & Direct Response Director with Young & Rubicam, Direct Marketing Manager with Wunderman, Cato & Johnson, Media Professional with Burson-Marsteller, Chief Marketing Officer with Howard University Advertising Center of Excellence, and Communications Director with Jackson State University.

LaTanya has taught at numerous Adult Educator programs at Lehman College/NYU, New York, Howard University/DC, Paterson University/NY and at Rutgers University Essex County (New Jersey), 2003-2009 Small Business Development Center Advisory Board member to name a few.


The Prestigious David Ogilvy Team Award · Top 40 Under 40 Executive Award · Rutgers University Executive Development Trainer Achievement Award · Rutgers University Advisory Board Award


The New York Times · Crain Magazine · Business Watch · Advertising Age · Media Week · Ad Week · BRE Magazine · Brand Week · DRTV · PBS A Moyers Report · Venus Magazine/cover story · Black Enterprise · Amsterdam News · BRE Radio Network Magazine/featured and quarter quest columnist.

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