Sickening Fashion, Don’t Hate The Player Hate The Game With Mykel Cortez Smith

Mykel Cortez Smith, Creative Director & Fashion Expert chat about what’s hot and what’s not, how to go natural, elegant, the true meaning of feeling good in your skin, and self discovery power fashion moves. Be a change agent on your terms. Shocking. Inspiring. Unapologetic. Listen In Link:

Obba Babatunda, Kathleen Bradley-Reed & The Lady In Red Diamond Rose Awards

2/13/2019 – A chat with Obba Babatunda, Kathleen Bradley-Reed and Gail Gibson sharing why we need to support grassroots initiatives and the Multicultural International Motion Picture Association (MIMPA) is proud to announce its 10th ANNUAL DIAMOND ROSE AWARDS…”LADY IN RED” SOIREE’. The highly anticipated awards Presentation & Entertainment is scheduled to be held on Friday, February […]

Elaine Steele, Rosa Parks, Business Partner and Close Friend Shares

2-16-2019 – This week on Not Just Talk Radio – The incomparable Ms. Elaine Steele, Co-Founder of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute of Self-development. Imagine being 17 years old, and Rosa Parks is your friend and mentor, also try to imagine traveling with Miss. Parks, meeting world leaders, even the Pope, and re-strategizing the […]

Not Just Talk Dating In Your 50s

1-23-2019 – Not Just Talk Radio, a down to earth chat between Toni Brown and LaTanya Junior, a new perspective on current events, social issues and DATING IN YOUR 50s.

1-16-2019 – RUEL Burford, Master Strategist, The Miscommunication of Communication

Ruel Burford CO-FOUNDER at GLOBAL CITIZEN DIGITAL / GLOBAL CITIZEN PRESS non-conformist. ‘soft power’ architect. question asker. status quo breaker. problem solver. Show link: Award-winning fashion/lifestyle blogger, Team WatchAnish member, a two-time recipient of Black Enterprise Magazine’s BE100’s recognition as Founder/Chief Creative Officer THE QUANTUM GROUP, one of the nation’s top 20 Af. American owned […]

1/9/2019 – Reginald K. Thornton, Fitness Expert, The Fitness Experience You’ve Been Waiting For, It Can Really Happen

SHOW LINK: Reginald K. Thornton is an internationally known Fitness and Wellness pro, Motivational Speaker, and President of Sweat-N-Go, LLC.  In addition to providing fitness/wellness consulting to men and women of all ages for over two decades, he has coached football, basketball, soccer, and track at the high school level.  He was the co-host […]

12/12/2018 – Tim Reid, Emmy Nominate Act & Director, It’s A Beautiful Life, For You To Make

A Beautiful Life TIM REID, Emmy-nominated actor, director, and producer, has appeared on television for over three decades, from Venus Flytrap, on WKRP in Cincinnati through Simon & Simon, Frank’s Place, Sister,Sister, That 70’s Show, HBO’s Treme, and recently OWN’s Greenleaf and Love Is. 1995, he made his directorial debut with his critically acclaimed […]

12/5/2018 – Tom Dreesen, Legendary Comedian, Authentic Diversity, Respect & Giving Back

Laughter, Memories & Storytelling With Legendary Comedian Tom Dreesen Tom Dreesen left his hometown of Harvey, Illinois over 40 years ago and headed to Hollywood; Tome made over 500 appearances on national television, including 61 appearances on the Tonight Show and a favorite guest of David Letterman. A regular in Las Vegas performing with Sammy […]

11/28/2018 – Alyson Williams, Singer, Actor – Strength Within, Never Giving Up, Lean Into To Life

 Part #1: Part #2: A conversation with the incomparable soulful Alyson Williams, recording artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and radio host. Alyson is able to transport you to your very own utopia while effortlessly showcasing she really can do it all. Her father celebrated Jazz trumpeter and bandleader, Bobby Booker was a major influence in her life. […]

11/14/2018 – Deirdre P. Brown, J.D. Real Estate Expert, How To Get Money & What You Should Know The Most Important Things In Real Estate – 6 Shocking Things ALL HOME BUYERS, SELLERS & OWNERS Should Know – This is a Game Changer for Home Buyers, Sellers & Investors Deirdre P. Brown, J.D., is a settlement agent with DuPont Title Group LLC. She provides title and escrow services in the District of […]