Reginald K. Thornton is an internationally known Fitness and Wellness pro, Motivational Speaker, and President of Sweat-N-Go, LLC.  In addition to providing fitness/wellness consulting to men and women of all ages for over two decades, he has coached football, basketball, soccer, and track at the high school level.  He was the co-host of the health and exercise T.V. show “Gospelrobics” which aired for five years on WHUT Channel 32 (Howard University Television) in Washington, D.C., The Black Family Channel, The Word Network, WRCX Channel 40 in Dayton, Ohio and was featured in an African American T.V. Program documentary in Paris, France and Germany.  He has starred in 20 DVDs and is the Creator of the “SEAT BEAT” Chair Workout.

He was the co-host of “The Empowerment Resource Hour” with Stephanie Poplar which aired on WOL am 1450.  He has also in collaboration with the Oklahoma State WIC and the University of Oklahoma starred in the exercise DVD “Regie and the Veggies” A children exercise DVD created to fight childhood obesity by encouraging activity among children.  He is also an All-American Masters Track and Field Athlete who won the Silver Medal in the 60 meter hurdles at the U.S. Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships. 

Currently, he is co-hosting a radio show called “Celebrate Greatness” which airs on 1010am WOLB Baltimore Sundays from 2-2:30pm.  He is also a member of the Baltimore International Speakers Bureau. Reginald believes that “Activity Produces Longevity” and that “Something Leads to Something Else and Nothing Leads to Nothing Else.”

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