HOW TO IMPACT CHANGE on the local level – With and Without Elected Leaders


An in-depth, exciting and inspiring look into the grassroots community front-line with Supreme Moore Omokunde. This show offers a fresh new perspective of how we’re all connected, we all count, and we have the power to be the change. It’s worth a listen… S. Moore is passionate about life, family, and community, he’s a game changer whos efforts stretch across the world’s center stage. Today he’s Supreme Moore Omokunde, the 10th District Milwaukee Advisor Supervisor… but, the fact is his future in leadership reaches beyond the stars. Join us and welcome Supreme Moore Omokunde to Not Just Talk Radio worldwide platform.


Supreme Moore Omokunde (Sowande Omokunde)

I am Supreme Moore Omokunde, humbly seeking an opportunity to represent the 16th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

My passion for public service began at age eight when I joined my parents, Gwen Moore and Tolokun Omokunde, in working relentlessly for a better community. I have named my campaign, “Supreme for the People”, because my mission is to serve the community and my neighbors.

As a young man I received training in community leadership through Public Allies in Milwaukee, part of the National AmeriCorps Program. After about a decade of experience working in the community, I first ran for office in 2015, and was elected Milwaukee County Supervisor for the 10th District.

As a Milwaukee County Supervisor, I have served on the Finance and Audit Committee, which adjusts and adopts the annual $1 billion Milwaukee County Budget, and I have served as Chair of the Community on Health and Human Needs. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to contribute to a culture of collaboration in county government, and I’m proud the solutions we have achieved on some very difficult issues.